FNB warns against new online banking scam

JOHANNESBURG – First National Bank has warned customers against a new banking scam whereby fraudsters take control of your PC over the internet, and gain access to your online banking profile.

“Fraudsters are sending unsuspecting consumers fake emails notifying them that fraud has occurred on their respective bank accounts or credit cards,” said the bank.

“Soon afterwards, the customer receives a call from a fraudster claiming to be from their bank and offers to help block any fraudulent transactions by first requesting the customer to install ‘protection’ software on their computer which allows the fraudster to gain full control of the computer remotely.”

Cyber Security Officer at FNB, Kovelin Naidoo, said that the fraudsters are using carefully constructed scamming tactics that have the ability to trick even the most vigilant customer of they are not aware of the modus operandi. Customers are urged to be extremely careful and not let their guard down, especially as we are approaching the festive season.

“If someone calls you and requests your personal banking details or to install remote access software on your computer, please end the call and contact your banks’ fraud contact centre. FNB will never ask you to share your OTP to reverse pending transactions or to block your banking profile,” Naidoo added.

Furthermore, never click on links in emails, disclose sensitive information to anyone.

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