Food insecurity bites as Zimbabwe’s economy faces collapse

Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe is now considered one of the four most food-insecure countries in the world, alongside countries such as Yemen, Somalia and South Sudan.

The country is now facing widespread starvation, and locals say basic food staples in stores are so expensive that few can buy them, and in some places basic goods are scarce.

For most Zimbabwean citizens, items such as meat have become unaffordable.

When citizens asked President Mnangagwa six months ago about the unaffordable prices of meat, the president said: “If people can’t eat meat, let them eat vegetables.”

Zimbabwe is faced with massive unemployment, and most families don’t have disposable income and rely on handouts or what they grow in their own gardens. This has been a time of desperation and deprivation for most Zimbabweans, and as soon as they can many will want to undertake the perilous journey and entre South Africa illegally, hoping to find some income-generating activities to survive.


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