A screengrab of a rat eating food on display at Food Lover's Market in Diepkloof. Picture:

Management at Food Lover’s Market says that while its stores are serviced by pest control company Rentokil, it doesn’t guarantee the complete eradication of pests at its branches.

The franchise has come under fire after a video was widely shared on social media showing a rat eating food from a display at the Diepkloof Food Lover’s Market.

Management has given an assurance that the store is properly managed with regular inspections conducted.

Food Lover’s Market’s Legal and Compliance Director Nigel Meintjies says Rentokil’s most recent inspection was conducted a week ago and they are still waiting for the report.

“You can’t assume that by virtue that you take all these measures that you’re 100% certain that there can’t be a rat or anything of that likeness. Is it going to go away overnight, not it’s not? It’s an issue that we’re dealing with on an ongoing basis.”


Thats how diepkloof food lovers serves its customers and the rats so comfortable and not scared of people as they are at home😳😳😳😳

Posted by Sipho Ndhlovu on Saturday, 5 January 2019


Article sourced from Eyewitness News

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