‘Forced’ sterilisation of Brazilian woman sparks uproar

SAO PAULO- Claims that a drug-addicted Brazilian woman was subjected to forced sterilisation are sparking accusations of a nightmarish “dystopia” in a country where a leading presidential candidate has stirred controversy with his own birth control proposals.

A judged ruled in Mococa near Sao Paulo that Janaina Aparecida Quirino, an addict with numerous children must have her tubes tied.

Folha de S.Paulo newspaper is reporting that the woman who is homeless, had the procedure done without her consent.

The judge ruling has been appealed at the high court but author of the report constitutional law professor Oscar Vilhena Vieria said, “the mutilation had already occurred.”

A advocacy group Institute of Penal Guarantees, said,  “Janaina K. woke under the custody of people she didn’t know, named in a judicial case that she was not informed about.”

“It evoked Kafka’s ‘The Trial,'” the institute said, referring to the hallucinatory novel about a man prosecuted without even being told what he was accused of having done.

But judge, Djalma Moreira Gomes disagreed with Vieira’s article that came out last weekend, insisting that Quirino, who had seven children, with one more on the way, wanted to be sterilised.

The judge said in a statement, denying Quirino was ever homeless, “The family set-up was characterised by the parents’ drug dependencies…, physical violence against the children by the current partner, and financial difficulties.”

Photo Credit- 4Conservative.com

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