Former Amakhosi star speaks of witchcraft

Kaizer Chiefs once had a striker by the name of Bongani Ndulula, though he had first enjoyed a stint at rivals Orlando Pirates.

In an interview with TK Solutions channel on YouTube, Ndulula was asked why he was always injured in the PSL?

“It is tough, it’s tough in football,” said the player from Aliwal North, Eastern Cape said.

“They bewitch you so much you end up looking like you can’t play football at all.

“Do teammates bewitch each other?”

He was then asked if the only way to guard yourself  against the alleged evils is through prayer.

“Yes… but most of the time you notice it once the damage has been done,” he said.

“At AmaZulu…my foot was in endless pain. Once I put on soccer boots and step on the pitch, the pain would start under my foot.

“Pain under the foot? How is that possible? The pain would only vanish when I put on my normal shoes after the game.

“I used to put a sponge inside the boot [to alleviate the pain].

“So how did it all end?” asked TK.

“I spoke to my teammate [Sadat Ouro] Akoriko, from Togo. I told him what was happening to me and what followed was a miracle.

“He spoke to his people back home in Togo. Those people told him exactly what was happening to me, they told him all the way from Togo via phone.

“They promised I would be fine and prayed for me. That was exactly what happened and I healed,” he added.

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