Former Sotheby’s CEO murder trial continues

JOHANNESBURG – Former Sotheby’s CEO Jason Rohde who is accused for allegedly killing his wife is set to go for trial on Monday.

It is believed Rohde, who was given a R100k bail late in August in the Western Cape, had a heated argument with his wife Susan before strangling her to death at the Spier wine estate outside Stellenbosch in July.

Susan’s body was found lying lifeless in the bathroom of their hotel room.

Rohde has been visiting the court for several times now and his verdict is expected to be concluded today.

Reports say Rohde tried to cover his tracks and made the death look like suicide.

Rohde’s defense believes their client is innocent and that the case pursuit by Susan’s family was out of shear anger and targeted at destroying the life of their brother in-law.

According to Rohde, who admits on cheating on his wife with a female co-worker, said they were working on their marriage to fix things.

“I agree to cheating on her, but we were working on our marriage…,” he said.

The defense is expected on Monday to call experts who will prove Rohde’s innocence and that his wife really took her own life.

Also crucial to the case will be the contradictory testimony about Susan Rohde’s mental health and whether she was suicidal at the time of death.

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