French minister says she wont step down after helicopter jail break

Paris- France’s justice minister on Wednesday ruled out resigning after a notorious robber was broken out of prison by helicopter, despite a recent warning that the convict was on the verge of trying to escape.

Redoine Faid well known gangster in France fled from prison once before, escaped Reau prison near Paris on Sunday by heavily armed accomplices and his getaway vehicle, a helicopter.

After initially ordering a manhunt of nearly 3,000 officers to find Faid, 46, and his helpers, police say 100 specialised agents are now trying to track him down.

A regional official said the call for a delay was “very dangerous” for guards, adding “today we’re acting because it’s urgent, tomorrow we’ll be acting after the fact!”

Belloubet confirmed on Wednesday that the request had been made, but that she was not involved in the decision making process.

Speaking to RTL radio she said, “Of course I am fully responsible for my administration, but I did not personally take this decision.”

She said more than 300 prisoners are under maximum surveillance in France.

“Obviously I’m not the one who decides on the conditions of detention for each of these detainees,” she added.

Asked if she considered calls from opposition lawmakers for her resignation, Belloubet said: “No, not at all.

“We’re dealing with a very serious situation. We need to react not with the posturing that I have sometimes heard, but with calm and determination,” she said.

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