Furniture removal companies face prosecution

“Eleven companies in the furniture removal industry and the movers’ association they belong to face prosecution in the Competition Tribunal for price fixing involving the e-tolls levy they have been charging their customers. It seems the eleven companies colluded to include these levy fees when charging their customers for services.

The accused companies include Pickfords Removals, Stuttarford Van Lines and Crown Relocations. The Competition Tribunal is currently looking into the implicated companies. The investigation of the commission, launched in February 2017 has revealed collusion between the companies to add a levy fee of R350 to the amount they charge their customers for the transporting of furniture on Gauteng e-tolls.

The e-tolls were introduced by the government to charge road user for the roads across Gauteng. This impacted the pockets of many road users, especially private vehicle owners. Vehicle owners in the transport industry which includes trucking and furniture removal companies were also expected to pay.

Upon investigation and the results thus far, the commission seeks an order that all the accused be held liable. The companies found guilty will be expected to pay an administrative penalty equivalent to 10% of their respective annual turnovers.”
Source: Online Articles

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