Gang Wars require army intervention: Zille

CAPE TOWN – Western Cape Premier Helen Zille on Monday called for the deployment of the army to create peace and order in gang infested-areas.

Although Zille’s approaches have been dismissed for several times in recent months, she said it was necessary for the army to intervene as innocent people are also being killed.

Zille said she will hold discussions with the Provincial Police Command to rectify gang wars but if they fail, she has no choice but to make a formal approach for SANDF’s intervention.

This follows after heightened gang wars in the city which have left many dead, including the police.

Different gangs in the city clash on a regular basis, opening fire and killing innocent people in the process.

Zille has blamed the law and justice system in general saying, “The question the Western Cape provincial government must address is: What can we do to solve the problem? The answer, unfortunately, is very little, due to the way our constitution and the law apportion powers over policing are…,” Zille said.

Zille says without government or army intervention, gang wars are ought to continue and many innocent lives will also be lost.

Zille has the backup of activists and police forum members but they all probe what will happen when soldiers leave.

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