Gareth Cliff to Ramaphosa: ‘Are we still flattening curve or are we just paralysed in fear?’

Johannesburg – Former Idols SA judge Gareth Cliff said he would like to hear from the president Cyril Ramaphosa regarding plans to move lockdown from level 4 to level 3.

This call comes after his controversial open letter, where he said South Africans were concerned about the havoc the lockdown was causing to the “economy, on people’s lives and livelihoods”.

“We’re in crisis and it would be in everyone’s interest to know what the end game is.

“When is level 4 morphing into level 3? Nobody can plan their lives unless we know these things. And by we, I think I can say, all of us,” Cliff told his listeners on his Cliff Central show this week.

A clear Covid-19 strategy was needed because “we have no idea what those victory conditions are.” said Cliff.

“There is no scenario in which not a single life is lost and there is no scenario where we resume economic and social activity exactly as before,”  he said.

He added that “The government needs to be honest and acknowledge either how many people we’re prepared to deprive of a livelihood, or how long we intend to attempt delaying the inevitable, and lockdown will just stave them off for a few weeks or months”



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