Garmin services returning after alleged cyber-attack

GPS and fitness-tracker firm Garmin appears to be slowly coming back online following a widespread outage affecting users worldwide.

Users of the company’s services were unable to access their data due to an alleged ransonware attack.

Customers are now starting to report that the answer appears to be “partially” working again. It’s been reported that the company had been asked to pay $10m to get its systems back online.

Ransomware is the type of malware that lets hackers take control of a company’s system and encrypt their data, before demanding payment to release it.

Garmin is yet to comment on those claims, or say what was behind the outage.

Some users reported on social media that their health and fitness data was now visible on Garmin’s mobile app, however, numerous other functions appeared to still be offline.

The problem began on Thursday, and affected Garmin users around the world.

Customers were unable to log into Garmin Connect to record and analyse their health and fitness.

Users were warned that there may be a delay of a “week or longer” for updated health and fitness data to appear on their accounts, due to a backlog. The company insisted there was “no indication” that user data had been stolen or removed.

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