Gatlin Gears Up for 150m Debut in South Africa

NEW YORK- Justin Gatlin is the current world 100m champion, with over 10 years experience but the American champion feels like amateur again, as he heads to South Africa for the Athletix Grand Prix Series in Pretoria.

Doing an interview with Reuters the sprinter he said,

“I’ve never been to South Africa, I’ve never run a competitive 150 and I’ve never run this early when I didn’t compete indoors,”

All this will change as he is expected to compete at the Athletix Grand Prix Series in Pretoria.

“It’s exciting,” he said,  had his 36th birthday about a month. “You get that nervousness but also excitement. It makes you feel like a rookie again.

“I actually jumped at the opportunity when my agent called. We’ve got hundreds of 100 metres to run and we can run a 200 anytime so I said let’s run a 150. Let’s go out there and see what it feels like.”

There is no official record of the 150m race but retired world record holder Usain Bolt set the world best, a fast 14.35 seconds he ran at Manchester, England in 2009.

Gatlin however will not speculate the time he expects to run.

He said, “I am just going to zone in on my technique to be as competitive as possible”. At the moment he is only training for 150m.

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