Gauteng health department in negligence claim raft

Gauteng – The Gauteng Department of Health is facing four negligence claims, mostly which are linked to children born with brain damage.
It is understood that the department has denied mothers access to necessary C-sections leading to their babies being affected at birth.
The Joubert Attorneys filed negligence claims against the department but to no avail.
The department is expected to pay R33.7-million for negligence which has led four children having their brains damaged at birth.
After failure to comply, the sheriff of the court attached the departments furniture to force payment but the department did not comply.
Last week, furniture was removed from the department’s offices in Pretoria leading to employees to work in a different location.
In order to force payment, the sheriff has no other options but to block the departments 14 FNB accounts and also cutting their phone lines.
DA’s Jack Boom expressed his discontent on the procedures used by the sheriff to force payment.
Bloom said: “It is shameful that the Sheriff has to resort to the extreme action of attaching bank accounts because the department refuses to comply with court orders.”
The Gauteng health department has also appealed to the court to pay negligence claims in tranches than in one lump sum.
The department is still awaiting for the court ruling.

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