Generations detective sings gospel

JOHANNESBURG – He may play the honest and strict, no nonsense taking detective Robert on Generations: The Legacy, but that is not his only talent. The versatile Tumelo Matlala is also a recording gospel artist with three albums under his belt.
Matlala recently dropped a new album “From a Heart of a Man to God”.
 Many may find it hard to balance to very demanding career, but when asked how he balances the two, Matlala simply said “It’s a matter of balancing time. Luckily the Generations job is during the week and I don’t shoot every day. So after shooting I get time to go to rehearsals and my gigs are mostly on the weekends.”
He states working alongside a man he respects such as Vusi Kunene, who plays Jack Mabaso, as one of his biggest highlights of being on set. He also says that being part of Generation: The Legacy has helped him to learn more about the law as he has had to do a lot of research on criminal law to prepare for his character.
On deciding to go into acting, Matlala claims that singing was always his first love and his second love was acting. So when he realised he couldn’t make it as an independent musician, he went to study acting and luckily an opportunity arose as he was called to act on Generations: The Legacy.

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