‘Gigaba told me to never record his trips to Gupta residence,’ says bodyguard

Johannesburg – Former Minister Malusi Gigaba’s bodyguard said he told him to never record his many visits to the Gupta residence.

Named as “Witness three” to protect his identity, the bodyguard said Gigaba would receive bags of cash during the visits and he would use it to pay for tailored suits and restaurants in Sandton.

He also testified about driving Anoj Singh and Gary Pita first to the Guptas and then to vaults to presumably stash their cash.

“There was the convoy of the president of the republic leaving the premises as we entered in one occasion,” said the witness.

Witness Three was a driver for Gigaba as Minister of Public Enterprises. He said he told him to never record his Saxonwold trips.

“He would go to the Guptas and we would go to Sandton and he paid cash for his tailored suits.”

Witness three also drove Transnet executive Singh.

When Pretorius asked “After visiting the residence you would go to Knox Vault with Mr Singh he would take the bag to emerge from Knox Vault with an empty, correct?”

He answered: “That’s correct chair.

And former chief financial officer, Pita too.

“As he was coming to the car, he was red-faced and he swore a lot and he mentioned R600 million and some timelines.”

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