Good news for restaurants and hair salons on ‘Advanced Level 3’

Johannesburg – Minister of Small Business and Development Khumbudzo Ntshavheni has revealed plans to move to the next level of regulations while stressing that this will not be a move to level 2 just yet.

The minister explained that this was only an adjustment of the regulations, which should be implemented by Wednesday, at the latest.

“When the president announced the move to level 3, he also mentioned the stage of ‘Advanced Level 3’. We had the discussion last week in Cabinet, about industries requiring extra protocols. The decision will come through either on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. We are waiting for the Health Advisory Council,” the minister said.

Among the welcome possible adjustments is the opening of hairdressers, nail services, massage therapists ad some sectors of the hospitality industry.

It is still being discussed whether several aspects such as time and days during which alcohol sales will be allowed.

The minister said government could open these sectors under ‘Advanced Level 3.

The government is expected to announce its decision as soon as the Medical Advisory Council has given them the nod.  Until then, Cabinet has decided to defer the approval of the recommendations but advised citizens to maintain healthy habits such as washing hands and wearing masks.

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