Gordhan calls for action in government to restore trust in SA Inc

CAPE TOWN- Minister Pravin Gordhan said on Wednesday that the optimism in the South Africa has changed to a positive outlook, he added that the government needs to be visible in its action to restore trust in SA Inc.

“Agriculture has, for instance, created dynamism and increasingly plays a very important part in the economy in terms of job creation, re-industrialising,” he said.

“Issues of land and getting more people involved in our economy is very important. The new leadership in the country has exciting ideas as set out in SONA (the State of the Nation Address). Government is clear on the need for renewal and unity of purpose of South Africans.”

“There is growing confidence in the country and as we begin to deliver on the plans President Cyril Ramaphosa has set out. That will also build greater confidence in our economy,”

“Words alone won’t create the levels of confidence, trust and cooperation we require. There needs to be actions and action orientation.”

“In three months’ time we will hopefully have answers… on what has been done. The president is quite clear. We want to create a social compact in South Africa for unity of purpose to create a new path our country needs to follow,” said Gordhan.

He also commented on land without expropriation, “We must ensure inclusivity and the land issue is addressing who benefits from GDP growth, globalisation and trade. How do we ensure all levels of the population are beneficiaries of economic growth?”

Photo Credit- 2OceansVibe

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