Government ready for the 100 Men March

PRETORIA- The South African government is preparing for the 100 men March on Tuesday morning, the march aims to bring awareness against women and children and call for an violence.

Acting director general of the Government Communication and Information System Phumla Williams said “men of action” from all over the country will be preparing to per take in the match.

“The 100 Men March seeks to highlight the negative impact of violence against women and children on South African society,” she said.

She said many men for all sectors will take part, she said they expect teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, civil servants and members of the National Taxi Alliance.

“We encourage South Africans to join this movement for positive change, by standing together we can work toward a safer environment for women and children.”

The march is expected to start at 10:00am in Church Square and finish at 13:00pm at Southern Lawns of the Union Buildings.

“Marshals in clearly marked regalia will assist in ensuring the smooth movement of participants through the city. Metro police from the City of Tshwane will close certain roads at certain times to ensure that the marchers move speedily through the city,” she said.

“These two leaders fought for the democracy we enjoy today, but sadly women and children are still subjected to violence and abuse,” Williams wrote.

“That one in three women in the poorest households experience physical violence is an indictment on us as a nation. For 50 000 women to have reported sexual offences in 2016/17 is just the tip of the iceberg because most did not live to tell the story,” she wrote.

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