Grant Thornton CEO steps aside pending outcome of sexual harassment probe

JOHANNESBURG- Grant Thornton Johannesburg CEO Paul Badrick has voluntarily stepped aside pending the outcome of an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment levelled against him.

This decision comes after a number of allegations of senior men in the company are facing allegations of sexual harassment in the company. Badrick sexual allegations happened in 2015 and the company said that they will instigate a investigation as soon as possible.

The company provides services of assurance‚ tax and specialist business advice.

The company said in a statement, “Allegations against Mr Badrick were made during an investigation by Grant Thornton International Limited (GTIL) following a former director’s claims of sexual harassment against a former Head of Forensics earlier this year‚”

The female employee told the Eusebius McKaiser Show on Radio 702 at the time the abuse had left her scared and humiliated. She said her contract had not been renewed after she had laid a complaint.

“I really had to hold back the tears. I was determined not to cry. At one point in the conversation‚ I said this is going to become a ‘he said‚ she said’ situation. I was also encouraged not to take it further.”

The company said in its statement: “We have offered her a meaningful settlement amount for the impact this has had‚ and we have again apologised to her unreservedly.”

A former director of Grand Thornton Nerisha Singh said she has decided to take legal action against the firm because it doesn’t understand the extent of the sexual harassment within the company.

She was forced to resign after she laid charges of sexual harassment early this year against the company’s  head of forensics and her lawyer said the legal route was taken after the poor manner in which the company handled her case.
Natashe Moni, Singh’s attorney said,  “They’re trying to mitigiate their risk by throwing money at her but, at the end of day, if you divide the amount of partners Grant Thornton has, it’s an absolute pittance.”
Photo Credit- EWN

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