Groom killed at wedding by celebratory gunfire

INDIA- On Tuesday the Indian police said a man has been arrested, he has been accused of killing a bridegroom when he marked his friend’s wedding with gunfire, this is the latest in a number of series of marriage celebrations gone wrong.

The video shows Sunil Verman 25 being hit by the chest late Sunday as he performed Hindu wedding riuals has gone viral on social media in India.

The man is identified as a friend of Verma adjusting a pistol when it goes off. The next moment, the groom is seen clutching his chest and then slumps to the floor.


Ghanshyam Chaurasia an investigating officer in the Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh state, told AFP, “He has confessed to the shooting but the investigations will continue. We have recovered the murder weapon.”

The shooter could face a murder charge, he was on the run until the police arrested him on Tuesday in a neighboring town.

Police have said that two shots were fired from the licensed firearm, which belonged to the friend.

It is illegal to have celebratory gunfire in India at weddings and ceremonial events but it is common to hear gunfire in these social events and some cases ending deadly.

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Just recently a 20 year old man was killed at his cousin wedding after live ammunition fired to celebrate the event in neighbouring Allahabad district on Sunday.

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