Guatemala volcano: Suspension of search rescue after Landslide threat

GUATEMALA- The threat of fresh landslides forced emergency workers Thursday to suspend a search for victims of a major eruption of Guatemala’s Fuego volcano, the country’s disaster management agency said.

Agency spokesperson David de Leon said the volcanic material was still very hot and the threat of heavy rains displacing loose deposits were posing a serious risk to the safety of emergency workers.

99 people are known to have died in Sunday’s major eruption of the volcano, with more than 200 more still reported as missing.

Francesco Rocca International Red Cross chief after visiting the area said, “We should not underestimate the scale of the disaster,”

 “Critical emergency needs are still enormous, and affected communities will need sustained and long-term support,” Rocca added that for the worst affected families, recovery would take at least a year.

Rocca said, “These people have lost everything — homes, livelihoods and tragically, loved ones.”

CONRED spokesman David de Leon announced that the rescue efforts had been suspended and recommended that residents stay away from the area as it is still dangerous.

de Leon added that suspension may be lifted if conditions on the ground improve.

The active volcano is located about 40 km southwest of the capital, Guatemala City.

Photo Credit- Yahoo News Singapore

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