Gupta family summoned to appear before Eskom inquiry

PARLIAMENT – Members of the controversial Gupta family have been requested to appear before parliament to testify on several issues they have been accused of.

The request was made on Wednesday by members of parliament (MPs) in Cape Town, saying the Gupta family should be given a platform to explain themselves and give reasons for the actions they have done.

Eskom board members have been under fire in recent weeks as the parliament seeks to understand and get reasons why they related themselves with the Gupta family.

Former Eskom board chairperson Zola Tsotsi on Wednesday made it clear that the Gupta family was in control, and they once threatened him to fire him if he fails to comply with their demands; adding that the family influenced the appointment of board members at the parastatal.

“I was approached by Tony Gupta, who requested that we meet,” said Tsotsi, “At the meeting, Tony told me that you are not helping us with anything. We are the ones who put you in the position you are in and we are the ones who can take you out.”

“My response was” added he added, “do what you have to do and let me carry on with the job that Cabinet appointed me to do.”

Tsotsi’s testimony prompted MP’s present at the hearing to ask for the Guptas to appear before parliament and say their side of the story.

Jacob Zuma’s son, Duduzane as well as Eric Wood and Salim Essa all believed to be Gupta business associates are also set to appear before parliament for hearings

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