Haagen Daz on Trump and Kim Summit Lunch menu

SINGAPORE- During the astonishing and historic summit leaders US President Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jon Un had lunch with their other delegates and the main course was it denuclearisation but a mixture of both American and Korean cuisine.

The menu which published by the White House and widely circulated on social media, some of the food items on the menu surprised a few people.

Trump and Kim and a variety of cultural food influence from Chinese, Malay, western and Korean dishes during the fancy affair at the Capital Hotel in Singapore.

Starters were prawn cocktail  with avocado salad, Malay “Green Mango kerabu with honey lime dressing and fresh octopus.” and Korean stuffed cucumber.

Apparently Trump is a notorious picky eater and unadventurous with food as well, as he enjoys fast food such as Big Mac’s and steak (well done) with some Ketchup.

Photo Credit- Kopitiam Bot

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