Hamilton fastest but Ferrari and Red Bull on the hunt

MELBOURNE- Formula champion Lewis Hamilton has topped the timesheets for Mercedes in both practice sessions at the Australia Grand Prix on Friday, but Red Bulls Max Verstappen showed enough pace to give Hamilton some room for thought.

Hamilton clocked 24.026 seconds dominated the first session, he later improved the mark slightly to 1:23.931 in the second session on a Australian autumn day.

Verstappen, Red Bull driver snapping at heels clocked, finishing  0,127 seconds adrift of the four-times champion after the second session.

Verstappen was happy with his performance he tweeted, “That’s what I call a positive start to the season,”

“The car handled well and I’m happy with today.”

Kimi Raikkoen and Sebastain Vettel of Ferrari may still be in the race for Sunday, Raikkoen told German reporters,  “We still have quite a lot of performance in hand. I am not too worried because I know if I get everything right we should be in better shape,”

Daniel Riccardo Red bull driver, home town hope was seventh but was low in fuel affecting his lap and was red flagged during the session due to some cabling that become unearthed at the start-finish line.

Photo Credit- Sky sports news

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