Hasbro to reset Transformers movie franchise

LOS ANGELES- Hasbro is hitting the reset button on the Transformers movie franchise, taking it out of director Michael Bay’s explosion-happy hands.
Hasbro will have a new team at Paramount working on the reboot of the Transformers live action movie series, that will be starting with the release of Bumblebee: The Movie, according to Transformers World.
An announcement was made that at Toy Fair 2018 Hasbro Investor Preview, the company that owned the long-running robot franchise, removed the sequels to Transformers: The Last King from its list of upcoming movies. Instead the Bumblebee spin-off would be released by Paramount Pictures on Dec 21.
In their new agreement with Paramount, Hasbro would have greater creative control, including green lighting the movie projects.
Hasbro is currently planning to spend around US$100 to US$125 for film and TV content in 2018.  This would be the first film in the franchise not to be directed by Michael Bay. He will still act as a producer.
The director’s seat would be filled by Travis Knight whose debut film was the Oscar winning stop-motion film Kubo and The Two Strings.
Photo Credit- Polygon

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