JOHANNESBURG-– Ajay Gupta has failed to hand himself over to the Hawks and is now a fugitive.

Hawks spokesperson Hangwani Mulaudzi says they are looking for Ajay Gupta, he said,

“We made contact with Ajay Gupta’s lawyers yesterday and as such we are expecting them to respond, they haven’t responded. So, we now regard Mr Ajay Gupta, of course, as a fugitive. We know for a fact that he’s got protectors and those protectors should know that they are actually aiding and abetting a fugitive.”

Ajay Gupta was suppose to appear in court on Thursday at the Bloemfontein Magistrates Court but failed to do so.

“We can confirm that he was supposed to appear in court today but didn’t, hence now there is a search party out.”

The spokesperson did however not comment on the possible warrant of arrest on Duduzane Zuma.

The Bloemfontein court did grant bail of the seven our eight accused, the charges include fraud and money laundering, the chargers stem from the Estina farm dairy project in the Free State. Three state officials accuse where granted bail of R100 000 and R200 000 granted for four of the accused linked to the Gupta family.

Photo Credit- The South African

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