CAPE TOWN- Author of the highly successful book The Presidents Keeper Jacque Pauw home was raid by the Hawks late on Wednesday evening.

Pauw confirmed the raid, he said three officers from the Hawks arrived at his house in Riebeek Kasteel, about 80km north-east of Cape Town.

The author said to News24, “They are from the Hawks’ crime against the state unit. They came here with a search warrant and gave me some time to send it to my lawyer first.”

Pauw said was cooperating with the officers who had followed procedure.

“They said they were looking for secret state security files as part of their investigation.”

Pauw told them, there wasn’t anything like that in his house.

Pauw wife Sam Rogers added: “They are going through our restaurant files and CVs of locals who applied for jobs and old copies of Getaway [the travel magazine].”

The author’s lawyer Willem de Klerk told news24 that the Hawks had a seizure warrant to conduct searches on his client’s home, he said,

“I can confirm that there is a legitimate warrant for search and seizure against Pauw. The warrant relates to supposed secret documents in the possession of the author. Pauw is giving his full cooperation to the police.”

Pauw’s book paints a damming picture of Jacob Zuma rise to power through corruption and those who assisted him in doing so and aexistence of secret network within the State Security of South Africa (SSA).

Pauw later confirmed that the raid was over and that nothing significant was found by the Hawks, he said, “They left with a few papers. Nothing significant. There were no secret documents in my office. Did they really think I would keep my documentation in my office? Because I’ve expected raids like this for quite some time.”

Watch Hawks conduct a raid on Pauw’s home:

Photo Credit-DispatchLIVE

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