‘He couldn’t kill me in front of people’ – Mshoza flees hubby

KWAZULU NATAL- Kwatio Star¬†Mshoza says she’s living in hiding and fears for her life after dramatic events in her marriage.

on Sunday Mshoza spoke to the Sowetan and made shocking claims of alleged threats, assaults and attacks she endured at the hands of her husband Thuthukani Mvula.

Just last week reports surfaced that Mvula kicked Mshoza whose real name is Nomasonto, out of their home in Bergville, KwaZulu-Natal, he then allegedly burnt her clothes in a fit of rage after he found her cheating just six months into their marriage.

Moshoza denied the claims she cheated and said Mvula hired hitmen to kill her, “He couldn’t kill me on Sunday because the incident happened in front of people. He took my phone, car, clothes, money, everything. I made a mistake that I allowed him to pay lobola for me in November when I knew that he was cheating.

“He has told me that he will kill me and bury me in the house and no one will find out. He actually showed me the tiles he’d remove to dig. He has often told me that he will kill me.”

She put the blame on his family and that he said she is “too white”, “They don’t approve of me. They overlook how much I work as a performer and the hours … sometimes I get home in the early hours of Sunday and yet they have a problem that I have maids.

“They say ‘what kind of makoti does that?’.”

Mshoza further alleged that her husband has about five girlfriends in Bergville who openly call him in her presence and he tells her to mind her own business.

She added, “I loved that man. I moved from Johannesburg for him and stayed in the rural areas where they don’t even have flushing toilets and he has abused me emotionally and physically.

“He told me that a wife is there to build and not to be loved and that his girlfriends were the ones who deserved happiness.

“I had packed up my bags in December and he threw me a surprise party and I fell for it. I recently told him … I had lost respect for him for making me feel like a fool, and he told me that if I left him he’d kill me.”

Mshoza said she’s speaking up now because she did not want to become another statistic in a country plagued by cases of femicide.

“It’s so simple for a woman to die. The police don’t act quickly. They say they are still looking for him. They only acted after he threatened to shoot them.”

Photo Credit- All4Women

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