Health Ministry Arrests 124 Illegal Doctors, Minister Joe Phaahla Spearheads New Regulations for Licensing

The Department of Health has confirmed the arrests of 124 illegal doctors who were practising around South Africa.
  • An alarming number of 124 doctors have been arrested for running unregistered medical practices across SA
  • Health Minister Joe Phaahla says the pattern is common in the private sector and he’s doing everything in his power to monitor and control the situation
  • The HPCSA is setting up an office dedicated to shutting down bogus practices

Health Minister Joe Phaahla has confirmed The Department of Health has confirmed the arrests of 124 illegal doctors who were practising around South arrest of 124 bogus doctors in the country.

The alarming number has prompted the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) to open an office to clamp down on these unregistered operations.

South African Medical Association (SAMA) concerned about prevalence of illegal doctors in Mzansi

In an interview with eNCA, SAMA chairperson Dr Mvuyisi Mzukwa labelled the unregistered doctors as criminals.

He also has shared some tips on how to protect yourself when visiting a doctor by verifying them:

“Go through the HPCSA website and look for an iRegister to make sure if the doctor is still registered. Even if you are used to that doctor, it is always good to check if the doctor is still in the system or not.”

South Africans react to the “lawlessness” in the country with irritation

@Original Levite wrote in panic:

“If it’s that bad in private practice, can you imagine what’s going on in the government hospitals? Allmighty Father, HELP US!”

@Thembani M Genu worriedly said:

“Look for the iRegister? That’s for the privileged. For a poor or old person, that’s impossible, especially if the doctor has been practising in your town for years, how to know if he has later turned out to be a fake is IMPOSSIBLE.”

@Mandla Tshabalala was really concerned:

“There is lot of lawlessness in this country which puts our lives at risk.” @Chamaine Balea annoyingly lambasted:

“They speak of lawlessness and serious issues with smiles. Our country is protected by a politician with a teacher’s diploma when he does not even qualify or would make for any sort of good teacher. But Cyril re-shuffled him and the cigarette lady to the left and right of his side. Why? How?”

Minister Phaahla indicates that most of these fake doctors are found in the private sector

Briefly News recently reported on the arrest of an illegal Zimbabwean dentist in a Polokwane raid after a tip-off from the HPCSA. The dentist was running his practice under the aid of a registered doctor since September 2022. Phaahla has also been dealing with a worrying cholera outbreak in SA.

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