Heavy K sets record straight on his feelings about Black Coffee’s Grammy-winning album

Music producer and DJ Heavy-K has taken to Twitter to correct Podcast and Chill with MacG on a statement he said Heavy-K made when he was a guest on the podcast.

On the Monday episode, MacG said Black Coffee is a huge supporter of the podcast because he remembers everything that was said about him on the show, which means he watches some of it.

“Black Coffee is a chiller bro, he remembers every single thing we have ever said about him on the podcast.”

Then MacG took it back to Heavy-K’s interview when he was on Podcast and Chill.

“I think we did an interview with Heavy-K, I even forgot about that interview, and Heavy-K even said the album Black Coffee won a Grammy for was pap,” said MacG.

Heavy-K did not appreciate that narrative being spread on social media, and he took it upon himself to set the record straight by jogging the memory of those who watched the episode and also squashing the rumours before things got out of hand.

“This is a clip from my interview I did with @MacGUnleashed commenting about @RealBlackCoffee so now you guys be the judges & tell me where did I mention the Grammy Award Winning Album here or saying anything negative about Coffee,” he tweeted, seeking to clear his name.

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