Here are the 5 most influential women in motoring

Cape Town – Cars, racing and even engineering are hardly the kind of things that women are associated to. Did you know the very first drive was taken by a woman?
From design to engineering and the first drive. These woman show that girls can be gearheads too.
1. Oona Scheepers
The consensus is that Audi’s cabin design, as artform and an environment facilitating ambience, is unrivaled. The shapes, colours, textures – since the early 2000s they’ve just been that bit better than anything else.
2. Leena Gade
Audi’s dominance of the Le Mans 24-hour race – totaling 13 overall wins – had much to do with the methodical analysis of a brilliant British engineer.
 3. Bertha Benz
In the history of the car, that invention which has altered our world so much more than any other, the first drive was taken by Bertha Benz.
4. Mary Barra
Who is in charge of General Motors.
5. Elizabeth Krear
Is in charge of ensuring that the Chrysler’s Dodge Ram is designed and build to standards.

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