‘Hey Mercedes, turn on seat heating’

Mercedes E Class Coupe

Mercedes is set to become the first carmaker to introduce its own voice-activated assistant, which means Siri and Alexa will soon be facing serious competition, at least when it comes to cars. Anyone who steps inside one of their cars greets the console with the words “Hello Mercedes” will be able to control virtually all vehicle functions from radio to seat heating. This can all be done through verbal command. This will also let driver and passengers pick music, ask about the weather and even get directions, that is according to Mercedes.

Mercedes also said the new voice control feature will initially be available in 13 languages, which is part of Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) that was unveiled at the end CES trade fair in Las Vegas.

MBUS comes with a new generation of instruments and a fresh operating system, that has led Mercedes to upgrade its wide touch-screen consoles across its product line. The new screen will offer more complex graphics, greater information density and more personalisation options.

They will continue to expand the touch fields on the steering wheel and the upgrade touchpad along the centre tunnel. Technology will first be used in the new A-Class, which will make its debut at the Geneva international Motor Show in March and go sale by mid-2018. Mercedes is hoping to roll out the technology across its product line quickly. “By 2020, it will be in all our cars,” said the German carmaker.

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