Hiring Trends in South Africa

Law in any country is considered to be one of the professions that have a prosperous future as law is a huge part of businesses and civilisation in general. A recent salary survey conducted by a professional recruitment firm, Robert Walters indicated that not much in terms of salary has changed for this profession. The survey looked at figures and trends of 2016 in the legal sector and has compared them to those of 2017. The 2016 trends have led to results that stipulate a weak hiring confidence in the country and this has been carried to 2017. Hiring managers are now keeping their head count to a minimum while loading new responsibilities to current employees’ roles. This may be viewed as a strategic move that allows current employees to expand their skill sets, but one may also wonder what is to happen to graduates and the unemployment.

The survey also revealed that the influx of international law firms into the country has resulted in a high turnover of senior level professionals in 2016. This has been a result of these international firms recruiting top senior lawyers from renowned local firms.

The surveys indicate that the senior personnel are bound to leave the local firms for international firms as they may offer more money than the local firms.

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