Holiday planning for working moms

According to experts it is not easy to balance everything, and it is not impossible. “And, crucially, moms must learn to cut themselves some slack.”

A Johannesburg educational psychologist Melanie Hartgill says, “It’s important for working moms not to feel guilty about not being able to spend all their time with their children.”

“Children need to learn to deal with their own boredom. They can spend time reading, making art, building things and working on projects.”

Here is the advice on how working mom can cope:

For mothers who don’t know who to leave their children with. Here’s what experts have to say:  Claire Minnaar who is a mother of 3 who also heads up Momtreprenuer, a blog meant for working mothers. Claire say it depends on their age.  “The older they are, the more independent they are,”

“For older kids, make sure play dates or social dates are set with other children,” she says. “This is your best and safest option when you are working full time and they are on holiday.

“For younger kids, reach out to people you know you can trust. If you can afford it hire a nanny or a qualified caregiver for peace of mind.”

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