Home Affairs’ Apleni Takes Fall for Gigaba

The DA believes that both Apleni and Gigaba are guilty for not following due procedure in granting the Guptas’ citizenship.

The Department of Home Affairs believe that the suspended Apleni did not commit the crime of granting the Guptas’ citizenship without following procedure, but rather the wrong doings of the previous minister, Malusi Gigaba. Apleni earlier stated that the Guptas did not qualify for permanent citizenship as they have not resided in South Africa for the required amount of time. He claims that Gigaba has overridden his rejection of their first application.

The majority union in the department, the Public Servants Association intends to lay criminal charges against Apleni. “This case was never taken to the director general who, as the head of the department of home affairs, is guilty of not following protocol and therefore guilty of misconduct, which is sufficient grounds for suspension,”, the source said yesterday.

There were leaked documents in the Gupta e-mails, which had details about the citizenship process, which prompted the court bid. The documents proved that the family was given preferential treatment that they were not legally entitled to.

He remains responsible for the execution of such decisions, whether they are made by the minister or not. He must take responsibility for them and prove his innocence in court.

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