Honduran Air Force seizes drug trafficking planes

Honduras-  In a statement on Monday the armed forces said the Honduran Air Force seized two light aircraft suspected of involvement in drug trafficking to the United States.

The statement said that the aircrafts were found in Mosquitia in the eastern Gracias a Dios region by an Air Force patrol that had discovered a hidden landing strip.

According to the statement the two planes, one a white Caravan 208 and the other blue and white King Air , were in good condition, but they discovered containers, fuel pumps and batteries that “were going to be used by criminal gangs in drug trafficking.”

The area of Gracias a Dios is a isolated region and is only accessible by air or sea, this has made it ideal for criminals, such as drug trafficking and other criminal operations.

The police have been patrolling the area since 2014 in the fight against drug trafficking and in the same year the government approved a law allowing Air Force to shoot down any aircraft that is suspected of transporting drugs.

Honduras has one of the highest murder rates in the world, ranking 43 in the world.  Seven out of ten of their murders are related to the conflict between drug traffickers according to government figures.

But Honduras murder has gone down, from 93.1 per 100 000 inhabitants to 63.8 in 2015.

Photo Credit-  Times LIVE



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