Horror crash claims 4, 15 injured

At least four people have died and 15 seriously injured following a horror crush between a minibus taxi and a small light vehicle along the R544 in Mpumalanga.
The accident happened about five km before Verena and paramedics and local emergency services only arrived at the scene after 3pm on Monday.
It is reported that two people from the light motor vehicle and two people from the minibus taxi died on the spot whilst those who sustained injuries were transported to nearby hospitals.
ER24 Spokesperson Werner Vermaak says that most of the passengers were trapped inside the taxi and had to be freed by local emergency authorities.
Witnesses say that all drivers were traveling at enormous speeds which led to the severity of the crush.
Local authorities are still investigating the real causes of the horror crush.
Vermaak also expressed his concerns on accidents that are normal caused by reckless driving.
“It is very disheartening because people seem not to learn, accidents happen almost every holiday because people over-speed and some of them will be under the influence of alcohol,” he said.
The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has also raised concerns on the rising death toll that happens across South African roads largely during holidays.
“Every holiday people die, and if you analyse carefully all these accidents come from reckless and drunk driving”

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