HRW: Kenyan police accused of rape

Nairobi – According to the Human Right Watch (HRW) in the recent violence which took place in the recent elections civilians were raped, beaten and assaulted by the country’s security force.

In a report titled “They were men in uniform” HRW state that “There was widespread sexual violence against women and girls, and sexual attacks on men.”

The documented violence that took place during the country’s elections in August HRW and other human rights groups reported that, “police use of excessive force against protesters, killings, beatings and maiming of individuals, looting and destruction of property.”

This report was based on the 65 women, 3 girls and 3 men who were sexually harassed. The report also states that half of the reported rapes were gang rapes.

The report also state that many of the attacks were accompanied by torture and violence. These torture and violence were against the women’s children as well as their husbands, “About half of the women interviewed said that they were raped by policemen or men in uniform.”

During this period at least 58 people lost their lives. This also resulted in division based on ethnicity and religion.

The August 8 elections were annulled in September by the country’s Supreme Court because they were said to have “irregularities and illegalities”.

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