I took SARS to the cleaners, says Malema

JOHANNESBURG – The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter has explained that, when he found himself in trouble with the South African Revenue Service (SARS), he was under the impression that the employer was the one responsible for ensuring that he complied.
He was responding to a question from a guest who was attending the Daily Maverick’s The Gathering at the Sandton Convention Centre on Thursday night.
Malema was asked to apologise to the nation for not paying his taxes. “SARS’ first task is to educate the taxpayer. I come from a very poor family. I never had the type of education qualification that I have now. I had very little knowledge (then) on how taxes are dealt with.
“I actually thought that my employer is responsible for my tax,” Malema said.
Malema said when the matter was brought to his attention, it was brought with an intention to “attack” him. He believes he was attacked because he held a different view on white monopoly capital.  Mentioning that he took a dossier to SARS and in it he informed SARS about the existence of a rogue, he said:
“It is only after I said to them, there is a rogue unit following us and doing all types of things, did I become an enemy with SARS.”
“Once you attack me, I am going to react. I am no coward and I took SARS to the cleaners,” he added.

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