‘I was called a k****r’ – suspended CEO who allegedly assaulted pregnant woman

JOHANNESBURG- The man who allegedly assaulted a pregnant woman outside a parking lot at the Featherbrooke Village shopping centre in Roodepoort, claims he was called a k****r and ‘poephol’ (asshole).

CEO at Novare Actuaries and consultants Romeo Makhubela, was captured on camera shoving a pregnant woman, who was later identified as Bianca Fourie.

When the footage become viral the company suspended him.

Makhubela had decided to break his silence as he issued a statement on Wednesday, he said he believed it was important for him to reveal his side of the story.

He recounted the incident, he said he went to the shopping centre with his two sons to get something to eat at Steers.

According to Makhubela, the altercation began when Fourie blocked several cars, to the annoyance of motorists behind her.

He said it was at that point that a screaming confrontation ensued between the woman and occupants of a car in front of Makhubela.

He added, “During this period the woman was hurling insults at the black occupants in that car. After parking, my mistake was when I confronted the woman and asked her how she could hurl such insults in front of children.”

“What I was not fully prepared for was that she would turn her rage against me with a barrage of racial slurs. At first, I was taken aback but, when she unceasingly referred to me as a ‘k****r’ and ‘poephol’ in front of my children.”

He said the pregnant woman followed them to the Steers, where he slapped Fourie, saying he was overcomed by anger.

He went on to say, “When I realised that this argument was not stopping, I said to my children that we must leave, and we will buy food somewhere else.”

Makhubela said he apologised to his children after they witnessed an incident that was “out of character” for a person like him.

He would later drop off his children at home and opened a crimen injuria case at the Honeydew police station.

Including laying a racism complaint at the Equality Court.

Makhubela said he is prepared to take full responsibility for his actions but would not withdraw the case.

“What I am not prepared to do is to let her get away with calling me a k****r and all those other racial insults.”

News24 reported their attempts to reach Fourie on Wednesday afternoon failed.

Photo Credit- TimesLIVE

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