‘I wish I knew that all I needed was to shake my a**’: Atandwa Kani on ‘influencer actors’

Johannesburg – Self-proclaimed “Prince of Theatre”, Atanda Kani who has been in the industry for more than a decade has thrown massive jabs at “influencer actors” who, according to him, just shook their bums to get a foot in the door.

The actor took to Twitter to share how he struggled to get where he was today, claiming it seemed quite easy for “influencers and celebrities” who get to climb the ladder way quicker than those who work hard in the industry.

Just days ago, he shared what his definition of an “artist” was.

“Artists are on this earth to entertain, educate, revolutionise, expose and speak truth to power. To rehabilitate nations, provide escapism and to give anyone who watches, a moment of rest and peace. Not to amuse you through our personal struggles. We have to draw the line,” he said.

He said that he had to be a part of many productions to get his face known in the international acting industry.

“We did Young Leonardo which is a BBC production, we did Life Is Wild together Thaps, We did Book Of Negros with Cuba Gooding Jr, Young Mandela … I shot Black Panther in Atlanta while I was still living in SA.

“So, I had to have that body of work for when I got here [so] people would know a little bit about me … cause they haven’t seen me before, I had to start from scratch. It was more like a rebirth of an actor.”

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