IEC confirms that Atul Gupta is a registered voter

CAPE TOWN-  Atul Gupta is a registered a registered voter on the South African voters roll, the Electoral Commission of South Africa confirmed on Wednesday.

Terry Tselane IEC Chief Deputy Chair said Atul did properly register at a primary school in Saxonwold.

He said voters must be South African citizens and in possession of a barcoded ID or smartcard but this is in contrast of what the home minister said on Tuesday, that the Gupta brothers were not South African citizens because they refused to abandon their Indian citizenship.

Sy Mamabolo Chief Electoral Officer of the department of home affairs is the only department to give custodian of citizenship.

He said, “So, when we receive applications and before we can place you on the voters roll, we do confirm your citizenship. We don’t take it for granted. We confirm it against the national population register.”

“There is a technical process that we’ve worked out through protocol with the Department of Home Affairs where we verify the citizenship of voters with the national population register, which they are responsible for.

“We have had discussions with the director general at the department in the course of today, and he does confirm that their records and our records in relation to [Gupta] are aligned. So there isn’t any discrepancies in relation to their records, vis-à-vis our records.”

Photo Credit-TimesLIVE

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