‘I’m single, unmarried but in relationship’- “#UyangthandaNa” crushee

JOHANNESBURG- Popular show UyangthandaNa aired episode an Wednesday night, where a brave single goes on the show to confess their love to their unsuspected friends.

This week singleton was a young man named Bongani, who is in love with one of  his lady friends from church, her name is Itumeleng.

Bongani opened up that the reason he loves her is that she looked past his disability.

Itumeleng did not suspect this pronouncement of love from Bongani who brought flowers and gifts to announce to his crush that he loved her. Bongani went even further and wrote her a romantic poem and recited it to her.

But unfortunately Itumeleng did not share the same feelings for him, although she let him down gently

Many viewers on social media reacted that Itumeleng did not only friend-zone him but family zoned him.

Itumeleng’s relationship status also got viewers confused,  as she said that she was, ‘single, not yet married, but in a relationship”, one of the many reasons she did not want to date Bongani.

Here is some of the best reactions on Twitter of the episode:

Photo Credit- TimesLIVE


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