‘Indefinite’ bus strike continues

JOHANNESBURG-  The crippling nationwide bus strike has entered its second day on Thursday.

Speaking late on Wednesday, Gary Wilson, secretary of the South African Passenger Bargaining Council said, “The bus strike continues tomorrow,”

“We have managed to get all parties to meet in Johannesburg tomorrow at the bargaining table. Hopefully we can persuade the parties to reach an agreement.”

Thousands of commuters had to make alternative plans on Wednesday, including using taxi services as they experienced long queues.

Around 50 bus companies are not operating across the country as the strike intensifies.

The strike is over a wage dispute, has put around 80% of the country’s passenger buses on lockdown.

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) said it was please with the participation of its bus sector members in the strike.

Phalamile Hlubi, Numsa spokesperson said,” We must say our members certainly heeded the call to stay away from work.”

However the  union is hoping for a resolution soon.

She added,”This type of strike is very hurtful on the community we are part of, so really for us, we are hoping that these talks will generate an agreement that will allow us to move forward.”

Photo Credit- eNCA

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