Interpol dragged into cross border custody battle

Johannesburg – Interpol has had to get involved as the cross border custody battle between Sandton businessman Frank Buyanga and Chantelle Muteswa, over their 5-year-old son, has escalated to new heights. The Zimbabwean government has had to invoke an Interpol red notice against the businessman.

International Police (Interpol) was asked by the Zimbabwean government to arrest Buyanga who is embroiled in a custody battle that has members of the Mnangagwa first family implicated.

Buyanga is accused of being a fugitive in his home country. He is involved in a custody battle that has him pitted against President Mnangagwa’s son, Collins, who is claimed to be in a romantic relationship with Buyanga ex-lover Chantelle.

The two ex-lovers are in a custody battle, with Buyanga seeking joint custody while Muteswa is asking the court to be declared the sole guardian.

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