Iran succesfuly launches first military satellite

Johannesburg – Iran’s Revolutionary Guards announced how they have successfully launched the country’s first satellite on Wednesday.

The announcement came at a time when there’s been a lot of brewing tension and distrust between Iran and the United States. The US allegedly stated that Iran’s satellite program is a cover-up for the development of missiles, despite the fact that the Islamic Republic had denied these claims and expressed how the aerospace activities comply with international regulations.

The tension between the two nations increased as the US Department of defense accused an Iranian vessel of harassing their ships in the gulf.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp exclaimed how the surprise satellite launch was a great success.

This is the first satellite that the Islamic Republic has launched successfully into orbit and has orbited the earth at 425km. the satellite was launched from Qassed a two-stage launcher from the Markazi dessert, a vast expanse in Iran’s central region.

The operation comes more than two months later that the first satellite that Iran tried to launch which ultimately failed. Despite growing tensions and accusatory claims made by the US against Iran, the nation still maintains that it has no intension of acquiring nuclear weapons and states that the aerospace activities are peaceful and comply with the UN security counsel resolution.

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