Israel hits dozens of ‘Iranian’ targets in Syria after rocket fire

ISRAEL-  The army in Israel said they hit dozens of Iranian military targets in Syria overnight after what they claimed Iranian forces attacked towards their forces. This has heightened the battle between the two fierce enemies.

This incident happens after US president pulled the US out of the Iran nuclear deal on Tuesday, a move Israel has long called for.

Israeli attacks is one of the fiercest military attacks in recent years, and is the biggest raid against Iran targets.

Israel said Iran carried out 20 rockets fired at their forces, around midnight, in the city Golan Heights from Syria.

They pointed the finger on Iran’s Al-Quds force, adding that Israel’s anti-missile system intercepted four of them while the rest did not land in its territory.

No Israelis were wounded.

“We know that comes from the al-Quds force,” Conricus said, referring to the special forces unit affiliated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

“The Israeli army takes very seriously this Iranian attack against Israel.”

Explosions were heard early hours of the morning in Damascus, as live video was broadcasted of projectiles above the Syrian capital and several missiles destroyed by Syrian anti-aircraft systems.

The state media in Syria reported that Israeli military strikes did hit military bases, arms depot and military radar, they did not name the location where the airstrikes hit.

SANA news agency added that “dozens of missiles were shot down by anti-aircraft systems in Syrian airspace,” saying a number of missiles had reached their targets.

Photo Credit- Yahoo


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