Israel PM Netanyahu faces corruption charges

Jerusalem- The Israeli police has suggest that bribery chargers against prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be laid.

In a police statement they said there is enough evidence to indict Netanyahu for bribery, fraud, and breach of trust in two different cases.

Responding to the allegations, the prime minister said the allegations were baseless and that he would not step down, he said the allegations were,  “will end with nothing”.

“Over the years, I have been the subject of at least 15 enquiries and investigations,” he said in his TV address.

“Some have ended with thunderous police recommendations like those of tonight. All of those attempts resulted in nothing, and this time again they will come to nothing.”

The allegations centre around how Mr Netanyahu asked Israeli publisher Yediot Aharonot for positive coverage in exchange for help in reining in a rival publication.

The police statement also claims that editor Arnon Mozes should also face chargers.

The second allegation claims that the prime minister has been receiving gifts worth at least a million shekels ($283,000; £204,000) from Hollywood mogul Arnon Milchan and other supporters.

The Jersulema post claims the gifts ranegd from champagne, cigars and were given to to give Mr Milchan receiving a US visa. Milchan is a well know producer of films Fight Club, Gone Girl and The Revenant.

Whether the chargers will be laid is up to the attorney general office. A decision that could take months.

Photo Credit- Washington Examiner


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