Israel suspends plan to send African immigrants to the West

TEL AVIV- Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu announced he has suspended a deal with the UN to give residency to thousands of African migrants in exchange for Western nations resettling the same number that a deal had been put the plan on hold, saying he would speak with residents of south Tel Aviv, where many of the migrants live.

The agreement had drawn opposition from his own coalition party and it replaced a plan for mass deportations of many migrants back to Africa.

The five-year agreement with the UN refugee agency, would of seen 16,250 African migrants who entered the country illegally, many seeking asylum, would of been resettled in Western nations, which Mr Netanyahu had said included countries such as Germany, Italy and Canada.

In a news conference earlier on Monday Mr Netanyahu said each migrant resettled overseas, Israel would give “temporary residence” to a migrant in Israel. This announcement replaced a controversial plan to forcfully send male African migrants to third world countries in Africa if they leave voluntarily.

The African countries were reportedly Uganda and Rwanda. The Israel’s Supreme Court had stop the deportations which were suppose to start on Sunday.

Netanyahu said in a late Facebook post announcing the suspension of the UN deal which was earlier agreed on had failed because Rwanda had pulled out.

According to the Jerusalem Post Cultural minister Miri Regev expressed concern about the “identity and social fabric” of Israel if the migrants were allowed to stay.

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