It’s business as usual for some in drought stricken Kouga

PORT ELIZABETH- The drought stricken Kouga municipality in the Eastern Cape is trying to avoid “Day-Zero” – when the taps will run dry. But it is business as usual for many residents. Residents of Patensie and Hankey in the Gamtoos River Valley are facing one of the worst droughts in the history of the area.

The Koga Dam is less than 10% full and Mayor Ela Lingen has said the municipality will have to cut down the water supply in mid-March if dam levels keep falling.

But it was business as usual last week for some, especially at the Hankey taxi rank, with taxi drivers washing their taxis with tap water. A taxi driver who did not want to be named said they were accustomed to water cuts during the annual maintenance of the Gamtoos irrigation scheme.

“There is nothing new with water cuts. The only difference now is that we hear a new word- Day Zero. Every year this town has a period lasting a week or two when water supply in the whole town is shut off. The municipality brings water to residents in trucks and we collect it from designated points using containers. Nothing is new with us here.”

Schools and other businesses have made an effort to try and save water and use it sparingly.

Photo Credit- News Sonia

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